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#23 - SFSF 2020 - Supervising in a World of Accelerated Change

Host: Matt Longacre
Bret Afdahl, CSBS Chair and Director of the South Dakota Division of Banking
Kevin Hagler, CSBS Chair Elect and Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Banking & Finance

Over the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve covered the most recent news, analyzed the perspective of community bankers, and interviewed a small business owner working to keep things afloat during the pandemic.

In each of these discussions, we focused on the impact of change. Change from a public health crisis, yes, but also change in how we adopt technology, change in how we work, and change in what it means to work together.

So, today, I’d like to focus on another group undergoing a tremendous amount of change, both because of COVID-19 and in spite of it: financial regulators. Next week, state and federal regulators will meet as they do every year, albeit digitally, at the State-Federal Supervisory Forum. The forum provides an opportunity for regulators to connect, learn, and find new ways to collaborate with one another. 

And every year, just before this conference begins, state regulators elect a new Board of Directors to run CSBS. So today, I interview the two people who have been shepherding CSBS through this tumultuous time: the Chair of CSBS for the past year, and the Chair Elect for the year to come. We talk about what has changed in their state agencies, what’s changed nationally for regulators, and we try to chart the beginning contours of a new path moving forward. We talk about tackling an economic crisis and what it takes to get it done.

So stick with us. I’m Matt Longacre, and this is Simply Stated.

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