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Community Bankers Are Being Heard Through National Survey

by Oscar Casas
Senior Director of Policy, CSBS

Community bankers are responding in higher numbers to this year's community bank survey as reporters and policymakers use the survey to better understand community banks.

The survey, created in partnership by CSBS and the Federal Reserve System, has received 180 survey responses year-to-date, compared to 109 responses at the same point last year. Last year, a total of 611 community bankers participated in the survey. As in prior years, the findings collected from this annual survey provide a comprehensive view of the community banking landscape and allow industry participants to see the greatest opportunities and challenges facing their industry.

Over the past two years, the survey has taken on an even greater importance as researchers are now leveraging the survey data to help address industry-related concerns that will help improve our understanding of this ever-changing industry.

For example, the Federal Reserve System recent study produced a study from prior year surveys highlighting the burden of regulatory compliance for community banks.  The study’s title is: “Compliance Costs,  Economies of Scale and  Compliance Performance”.

Stories and editorials from the American Banker, Wall Street Journal and Banc Investment Daily have also referenced the research report. The study’s goal is to quantify the relationship between bank size and compliance costs, using a unique set of survey data collected over a three-year period.

The survey was rolled out on April 16 and closes on June 30, 2018. Don’t let the opportunity to have your voice heard pass you by!  

To learn more, or to contribute to the survey, contact Oscar Casas

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