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CSBS Summer Recap

While summertime is typically a quiet time for activity in Washington, D.C., CSBS and state regulators remained busy, continuing to advance the cause of state supervision. Below is a recap of CSBS's most significant summer news.


Elections and Appointments

  • State regulators elected Mississippi Commissioner Charlotte Corley to be Chair of CSBS.
  • Tennessee's Greg Gonzales and Virginia's Joe Face were appointed to the FFIEC State Liaison Committee, a voting member of the FFIEC that represents states' interests while working with the federal government.
  • The Senate approved Jelena McWilliams to lead the FDIC. CSBS endorsed McWilliams earlier this year.

Legislative Progress and Achievements

  • CSBS came out in strong opposition to legislation that would prevent states from supervising student loans and protecting students from financial abuse. 
  • CSBS applauded Congress for passing into law S. 2155, legislation that includes several provisions backed by state regulators.

CSBS Projects

  • Eastern Kentucky University won the 2018 CSBS Community Bank Case Study Competition. In their submission, Eastern Kentucky students interviewed Kentucky Commissioner Charles Vice.
  • CSBS announced it will provide the most sweeping cybersecurity training program in state regulators' history. 


  • CSBS Chairman Charlotte Corley wrote an op-ed for the American Banker on how states are stepping up to protect consumers.
  • President Trump nominated, and the Senate Banking Committee approved Kansas State Bank Commissioner Michelle Bowman to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. Read CSBS CEO John Ryan's statement on Bowman's nomination. In 2014, CSBS successfully advocated for legislation that would require at least one member of the Board to have experience supervising or managing community banks.
  • CSBS President and CEO John Ryan wrote about how networked supervision can improve cryptocurrency regulation. 


  • The House Financial Services Committee approved the Bank Service Company Examination Coordination Act. The act, supported by CSBS, would make coordination between state and federal regulators more efficient and effective. The CSBS Examiner covered details on what the BSCA does extensively in a previous edition.


  • State regulators nationwide adopted a single exam for mortgage licensing, delivering on yet another promised part of Vision 2020, an initiative to improve the state licensing process for all nonbank financial services. 
  • CSBS came out in strong opposition to the OCC's Fintech Charter announcement. 
  • CSBS President and CEO John Ryan wrote for the American Banker on how an OCC Fintech Charter would harm the financial industry and consumers.
  • CSBS Chairman Charlotte Corley wrote for the American Banker that the FDIC needs a state regulator on its board.
  • CSBS released a progress update on Vision 2020, an initiative by state regulators to streamline the supervision and licensing of fintech companies.

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