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Bank Accreditation Standards 


To achieve accreditation, a state banking department must test itself against the criteria in the Self-Evaluation Questionnaire and achieve a total score of not less than 80% and a score of not less than 75% on the two Examination Sections and not less than 70% on all other sections. This score incorporates the standards noted below:


A.   The legal authority to charter, examine, supervise and regulate all state-chartered banks consistent with basic principles of safety and soundness, and protection of the public interest.

B.   The demonstrated capability to conduct safety and soundness examinations of state-chartered banks within acceptable time limits.  This capability should be supported by a combination of active monitoring and review of federal examinations and other methods in a manner consistent with state statutes, safety and soundness and the public interest.

C.   Specialized capabilities as required in each state to assure safety and soundness of all state-chartered banks and full compliance with statutes.

D.   Adequate qualified staff with expertise to charter, examine, supervise and regulate all state-chartered banks and to perform other departmental functions and responsibilities.

E.   A policy, statutory or departmental, which requires an examination not less frequently than once every 18 months for CAMELS rated 1 and 2 financial institutions and not less frequently than once every 12 months for CAMELS rated 3, 4, and 5 financial institutions.

F.   Adequate statutory authority for the department to carry out its duties and responsibilities independently, including authority to take formal enforcement action(s).

G.   Adequate funding to achieve all above-mentioned criteria.

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