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Certified Consumer Compliance Specialist

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CCCS designation description

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Certified Consumer Compliance Specialist (CCCS)

Objectives of the Consumer Compliance Certification Program:

  • To achieve recognition of the skill level required for the examination of adherence to consumer compliance laws and regulations applicable to regulated financial institutions.
  • To promote continuing education in the consumer compliance area of the examination.
  • To emphasize the need for professionalism and continuing advancement of compliance examination professionals given the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to adequately supervise this area.
  • To enhance and maintain the quality of job performance and skill level of consumer compliance specialists.

Candidates for Certified Compliance Specialist designation must provide evidence of all of the following:

  • Completion of a minimum of twelve (12) months of on-the-job service and training related to financial institution/licensee examination analysis and review for consumer compliance and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
  • Satisfactory completion of at least 28 hours of education in the following course offerings or their equivalent:
    • Introduction to Consumer Compliance Examinations
    • Consumer Compliance Examinations II
    • CRA Examination Techniques
    • Commissioned Compliance Examiner School
  • Attestation of successful job performance and mastery of appropriate job-related skills by a superior within the candidate's organization. All attestations shall be considered final once signed. A defined response form that outlines the necessary and appropriate skills will support attestation as to a candidate's skill. A high degree of reliance is placed on the attestation forms provided by the applicant's supervisor when granting certification. For that reason, the individual signing the form should be familiar with the applicant's experience, performance, and skills abilities and confident that the applicants meets all the requirements as noted on the form.

The attestation form addresses the following categories:

TECHNICAL - Provides effective leadership and organization to the examination process:

  • Demonstrates effective supervisory skills to plan, organize and delegate examination/ inspection functions
  • Effectively supervises personnel to ensure adherence to examination policies and procedures
  • Actively participates in all phases of training
  • Supervises, organizes, and effectively documents workpapers according to prescribed procedures

CONCEPTUAL - Provides effective and accurate evaluation of the overall activities of financial institutions relating to consumer compliance:

  • Effectively demonstrates knowledge of consumer compliance and Community Reinvestment Act policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations
  • Effectively follows established examination procedures to collect and analyze data
  • Preparation of written comments is factually and technically correct
  • Workpapers support report of examination with detailed information and provide a clear audit trail
  • Effectively reviews reports of examination for accuracy, content, conclusions, and proper grammar

LEGAL/COMPLIANCE - Effectively demonstrates knowledge of policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations related to consumer compliance.

HUMAN RELATIONS - Provides effective oral and written communications:

  • Effectively communicates assignments to assisting examination personnel
  • Effectively communicates with financial institution/licensee management/personnel to obtain information
  • Presents logical supporting arguments in response to any management objections and moderates own conclusions if presented with sufficiently supported data by management
  • All meetings are performed in an organized and professional manner
  • Recommendations and ratings demonstrate a thorough and successful understanding of regulations, statutes, and directives as applicable to the entity under examination/inspection

Consumer Compliance Re-certification

Every three years, participants will be required to provide evidence of the successful completion of a minimum of sixty-three continuing education hours (CEH); at least seven CEHs must be completed each year. Examples of qualifying programs and activities are listed below. Other programs and activities submitted will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The following courses would qualify as continuing education:

  • Fair Lending Examination Techniques
  • NACCA Examiner School
  • AARMA Examiner School

Non-technical courses that would qualify as continuing education:

  • The following CSBS offerings:
    • Senior School
    • Examiners Forum
    • BSA Specialist Seminar
    • CSBS Compliance Online Module for Web Library
  • The following Federal Regulatory offerings:
    • Conducting Meetings with Management
    • Management Skills for Commissioned Examiners
    • Leadership Dynamics
    • Financial Crimes Seminar
    • Report Writing
    • Anti-Money Laundering Workshop
    • Supervisory Updates and Emerging Issues
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