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Examiner Certification  

Eligible Participants

Participation in the Certification Program shall be open to all state bank examiners who meet the qualifications for training and experience. Participation in the Program is strictly voluntary.

Organizational Responsibility

The Certification Program shall be administered under the auspices of the CSBS Education Foundation (CSBSEF). A CSBSEF committee shall be appointed to oversee all aspects of the Certification Program, including its development, format, content and procedures, and revisions. This Certification Committee is empowered to make all final certification decisions.

The Committee makes all final decisions with regard to the certification requirements. The Committee may delegate authority to staff to award certification consistent with program requirements.

Click here to view the Committee roster.


The cost of participation shall be $75 annually for each certification, with an initial application fee of $20.  Subsequent applications for higher levels of certification granted after the initial grandfathered certification shall require the payment of a $20 application fee per applicant.  Retired examiners who no longer work in the industry may retain their certification at a cost of $50 per year.


Decisions by the Certification Committee

Code of Ethical Conduct

Appeal Procedures

Statement of Use Policy

Termination of Certification 


 Also of Interest


The webforms have been replaced by a comprehensive online application system. If you would like to use the new system, please send an email to the program administrator, Rose Shaheen, or call her at 202-728-5710.  If you prefer to use paper applications, click here to download printable forms.
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