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Education Foundation Recognizes Technical School Instructors

By Kim Chancy 
Program Manager, CSBS Education Foundation 

The CSBS Education Foundation is recognizing three instructors who have done outstanding work enhancing the learning experience of state bank examiners. 

For their work on the 2018 Bank Analysis School, Maisah Ali (California) and Adam Digmann (Iowa) received Special Recognition. Amy Richardson (Vermont) was named Instructor of the Year for her participation as an instructor for the Introductory BSA/AML Examiner School.

The Education Foundation offers technical schools focusing on a variety of topics and skills necessary for examiners. These programs, which focus on the fundamental principles of each topic, last approximately 4 ½ days. The instructors, state regulators approved by their agencies to teach, act as a Subject Matter Expert and assists in developing the material as well as instructing. 

To recognize the hard work and commitment of instructors, the Education Foundation established the Instructor Recognition Program. This program is designed to recognize instructor involvement and hard work, as their contributions are essential to the overall success of the CSBS courses. All instructors receive a letter of recognition. In addition, two special categories have been created – “Special Recognition” and “Instructor of the Year.”  These categories may or may not be awarded each year.

To receive Special Recognition, an individual must have demonstrated course innovation that vastly improves the learning experience, outstanding instructor performance, and/or significant contribution above normal expectations.  

To receive Instructor of the Year, an instructor must have received exceptional ratings and/or comments in course evaluations, outperformed their peers regarding content development and delivery, and met the same criteria for “Special Recognition.”   

We want to thank Maisah, Adam and Amy for their hard work and dedication as well as all technical school instructors for their hard work and commitment to improving the training programs for state examiners and to strengthening the state financial regulatory system.  

For more information on becoming an instructor or any technical schools, please contact Kim Chancy (