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2007 Press Releases
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2007 Press Releases 

Dec. 12, 2007 FFIEC Releases Guidance on Pandemic Planning
Nov. 26, 2007 Oregon financial regulator receives national reaccreditation
Nov. 16, 2007 Wyoming Division of Banking Receives National Accreditation
Nov. 15, 2007 CSBS Statement on House Passage of Mortgage Reform Legislation
Nov. 14, 2007 South Dakota State Banking Division Receives National Accreditation
Nov. 14, 2007 New Mexico Financial Institutions Division Receives Re-Accreditation
Nov. 05, 2007 40 State Agencies Commit to Praticipate in Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
Oct. 24, 2007 CSBS Says Mortgage Reform Legislation at Federal Level Should Build On, Not Undermine, States’ Initiatives in Mortgage Supervision
Oct. 16 2007 Remarks by CSBS Executive John Ryan at OCC Consumer Complaints Conference
Oct. 16, 2007 CSBS Official Suggests State-Federal Coordination in Handling Consumer Complaints
Sept. 20, 2007 Alabama Banking Department Attains 3rd National Accreditation
Sept. 19, 2007 CSBS Announces Two New Board Members for State Regulatory Registry LLC
Sept. 18, 2007 Conference of State Bank Supervisors Official Discusses States’ Efforts in Mortgage Lending Supervision
Sept. 17, 2007 North Carolina Office of Commissioner of Banks Attains 3rd National Accreditation
Sep 10, 2007 Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions Is Reaccredited
Sep 04, 2007 Federal Financial Regulatory Agencies and CSBS Issue Statement On Loss Mitigation Strategies for Servicers of Residential Mortgages
Sep 04, 2007 FDIC, CSBS and AARMR Suggest Servicers Avoid Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratios Above 50 Percent for Modified Obligations
Aug. 31, 2007 CSBS Supports Changes to FHA’s Programs to Help Borrowers Facing Hardships
Aug. 24, 2007 FFIEC Updates BSA Exam Manual
Aug. 16, 2007 State Bank Regulators Suggest Specific Areas For Federal Reserve Board To Consider In Addressing Subprime Lending Abuses
Jul 31, 2007 State Financial Regulators Issue Model Examination Guidelines for State-Licensed Sub-prime Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Brokers
July 17, 2007 State Financial Regulators Issue Joint Statement On Sub-prime Lending For State-Licensed Mortgage Lenders
July 17, 2007 Federal and State Agencies Announce Pilot Project to Improve Supervision of Subprime Mortgage Lenders
July 5, 2007 CSBS Taps Bankers Advisory Board for 2007-08
June 29, 2007 CSBS AND AARMR to Issue Statement on Subprime Lending for State-Licensed Entities
June 26, 2007 State Regulator Groups Issue Consumer Alert on Mortgage Payment Increases
June 22, 2007 Advisory Council Selected For Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System
June 22, 2007 CSBS Announces 2007-2008 District Leaders
June 20, 2007 Beth Jones Joins CSBS Regulatory Division
June 14, 2007 State Official Publicly Releases Model Disclosure at Federal Reserve Hearing
June 14, 2007 OTS Enters Into Consumer Complaint Sharing Agreement With CSBS
June 13, 2007 CSBS Calls on House Committee to Clarify the Role of the States Following the Watters v. Wachovia Supreme Court Decision
June 7, 2007 North Carolina Commissioner of Banks Joseph A. Smith Jr. Elected CSBS Vice Chairman
June 7, 2007 CSBS Tells House Panel States Should Have Role In Consumer Protection Against Credit Card Abuses
June 6, 2007 CSBS honors Gayle Griffin with Senior Fellow award
June 5, 2007 Massachusetts Bank Commissioner Elected CSBS Treasurer
June 5, 2007 Tim Karsky Is Chairman Elect of State Bank Supervisors for 2007-08
May 30, 2007 Gronstal Elected Secretary of CSBS
May 30, 2007 Wyoming’s Jeff Vogel Installed as CSBS Chairman for 2007-08
May 30, 2007 State Bank Regulators Group Announces Officers, Board for 2007-08
May 29, 2007 Idaho Finance Department to Host CSBS Annual Meeting and Conference in Coeur d’Alene
May 16, 2007 CSBS Opposes Farm Credit System Expansion Plan
May 10, 2007 CSBS Offers Mortgage Examiner Certifications
April 17, 2007 CSBS Statement On Supreme Court Decision on Watters v Wachovia
Apr. 6, 2007 CSBS and AARMR Seek Comment On Statement On Subprime Mortgage Lending
Apr. 4, 2007 CSBS Sponsors Two-Day Conference On Prepaid Card AML Compliance
Mar. 27, 2007 States Firmly Committed To Supervisory Oversight of Mortgage Lending, CSBS Tells House Subcommittee
Mar 22, 2007 CSBS Reaccreditation Awarded to Colorado, Delaware and West Virginia Banking Departments
Mar. 22, 2007 CSBS Calls for State-Federal Coordination To Promote Responsible Lending
Mar. 06, 2007 Jay Tilwani Named Business Analyst for CSBS Mortgage Initiative
Mar. 02, 2007 CSBS and AARMR Support Interagency Statement on Subprime Lending
Feb. 27, 2007 29 State Agencies Announce Commitment To Participate In CSBS-AARMR Mortgage Licensing System
Feb. 20, 2007 CSBS/AARMR Set Principles for State Legislation on Mortgage Licensing
Feb. 14, 2007 CSBS Program to Focus on Prepaid Cards AML Compliance
Jan. 31, 2007 States Seek Coordinated Approach in Regulation of Nontraditional Mortgages
Jan. 31, 2007 Washington Bank Regulators Renew National Accreditation
Jan. 10, 2007 Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions Receives Re-accreditation from CSBS
Jan. 17, 2007 CSBS Offers E-Mail Notification of Website Updates
Jan. 04, 2007 Georgia High Promoted to Vice President Accreditation and Certification
Jan. 01, 2007 Chuck Cross Joins Conference of State Bank Supervisors
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