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2014 Press Releases
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Media Release

Conference of State Bank Supervisors
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 Speakers Announced for CSBS Emerging Payments Task Force Public Hearing   

Washington, D.C.—The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) announced today panelists for the Emerging Payments Task Force hearing.  The hearing, scheduled for May 16 in Chicago, will study changes in payment systems to determine the potential impact on consumer protection, state law, and bank and non-bank entities chartered or licensed by the states.

Panelists will address state bank regulators on the topics of legacy payment systems, retail payment innovations, and virtual currencies.  The following panelists have been invited to speak:

Panel 1 – Legacy Payment Systems

·         Chris Daniel, Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

·         Jane Larimer, Executive Vice President, NACHA

·         Bob Steen, Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Community Bank


Panel 2 – Retail Payments Innovations

·         Jason Oxman, Chief Executive Officer, Electronic Transactions Association

·         Lewis Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer, Green Dot Bank

·         John Muller, Vice President of Global Payments Policy, PayPal

·         Spencer White, General Manager, MNO Partnerships (AT&T), ISIS Mobile Commerce 


Panel 3 – Virtual Currencies

·         Bryan Krohn, Chief Financial Officer, BitPay

·         Karsten Behrend, Head of Compliance, Xapo

·         Megan Burton, Chief Executive Officer, CoinX

·         Annemarie Tierney, EVP Legal and General Counsel, SecondMarket


The agenda for the public hearing is available here.  Registration for the hearing can be found here.

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