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2014 Press Releases
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Media Release

Conference of State Bank Supervisors
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American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators
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 Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit Receives Certificate of Mortgage Supervision Accreditation   

Washington, D.C.— The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR) announced this week that the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit (the Department) has received a certificate of accreditation for mortgage supervision. This accreditation certifies that the Department maintains the highest standards and practices in mortgage supervision set by the CSBS and AARMR Mortgage Accreditation Program.

In announcing the certification, CSBS President and CEO John W. Ryan congratulated Oklahoma Administrator Scott Lesher and his staff for their achievement.

“By receiving this mortgage accreditation, Administrator Lesher and his team have demonstrated their commitment to superior supervision of the residential mortgage industry in Oklahoma,” Ryan said.

“The AARMR/CSBS Accreditation Program identifies mortgage agencies that serve the citizens of their state by operating a capable and professional regulatory program,” said Rod Carnes, AARMR President and Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. “Upon completion of a comprehensive review of the Department’s mortgage division and its personnel, the accreditation team determined the Department satisfies these standards, and I’m happy to congratulate Administrator Lesher on his role in heading a superior Department,” Carnes said. 

“Attaining accredited mortgage regulator status from CSBS and AARMR is a milestone event for the Department of Consumer Credit,” said Oklahoma Administrator, Scott Lesher. “I am thankful to the Commission on Consumer Credit for their support and commitment of resources that were necessary for the Department to achieve accreditation,” stated Lesher. “I appreciate the assistance of the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor Mary Fallin for supporting legislation that was essential for the Department to become an accredited mortgage regulator,” stated Lesher. “I am also extremely proud of my staff for their work. Accreditation would not have been possible without their dedication,” said Lesher.

To achieve mortgage accreditation, state agencies must undergo a voluntary comprehensive review of the CSBS and AARMR accreditation team. The accreditation process begins with the completion of an extensive self-evaluation questionnaire on all department operations, including administration and finance, personnel, training, examination, supervision, and legislative powers. An external review team comprised of veteran state regulators then performs an on-site review and presents its findings to an audit team and to the Performance Standards Committee. The members then vote on the reports of the review team and the audit team.

More information on the mortgage accreditation program is available here. 

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