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2016 Press Releases
Idaho Department of Finance Earns Banking Supervision Re-accreditation
California and Missouri Begin Using Uniform Mortgage Test; 50 State Agencies Now Using the Test
North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions Receives Certificate of Mortgage Accreditation
CSBS Names Jim Kurtzke Vice President of Communications
CSBS Announces 2016 Community Bank Case Study Competition Participants
SRR Releases 2015 Annual Report
Colorado Begins Using Uniform Mortgage Test; 51 State Agencies Now Using the Test
Gonzales Appointed to FFIEC State Liaison Committee
Scott Corscadden Named New NMLS Ombudsman
FFIEC Seeks Comments on Proposed Revisions
Financial Regulators Release New Appendix for Retail Payment Systems Booklet
Face Appointed to FFIEC State Liaison Committee
Lawson Elected as State Liaison Committee Chairman
Multi-State Non-Bank Supervision Groups Release Annual Reports
CSBS Releases 2015 Annual Report
12 Student Teams Named Finalists in 2016 Community Bank Case Study Competition
CSBS and MTRA Issue White Paper on State Supervision of MSBs
CSBS Announces New Leadership
Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending Receives Mortgage Reaccreditation
CSBS Announces Winners of the 2016 Community Bank Case Study Competition
CSBS Chairman Challenges State and Federal Regulators to Work Together
Illinois Begins Using Uniform Mortgage Test; 52 State Agencies Now Using the Test
West Virginia Department of Financial Institutions Receives Banking Reaccreditation
FFIEC Issues Statement on Safeguarding the Cybersecurity of Interbank Messaging and Payment Networks
Statement on the Financial CHOICE Act
Statement on Introduction of the Bank Service Company Examination Coordination Act
New Call Report to Streamline Supervision of Money Services Businesses
Fed/CSBS 2016 Community Banking Research Conference to Be Held Sept. 28-29
FFIEC Invites Public Comment on Streamlined "Call Report" for Smaller Institutions
Fed/CSBS Announce Papers Selected for the 2016 Community Banking Research Conference
Financial Regulators Release Revised Information Security Booklet
White Paper Discusses Opportunities for Community Banks to Collaborate
NMLS Launches New Capabilities to Streamline State Licensing Processes
North Carolina Commissioner Ray Grace Appointed
CSBS Releases Second Quarter NMLS
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Announces Availability of 2015 Data on Mortgage Lending
Federal Reserve and CSBS Release Findings from 2016 National Survey of Community Banks
Washington Department of Financial Institutions Earns Bank, Mortgage Accreditation
CSBS-Federal Reserve Research Conference Describes the Value and Business Prospects of Community Banks
FFIEC Announces Webinars in Observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation Receives Accreditation of Mortgage Supervision Program
CSBS Names Tom Bayer Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
FFIEC Issues Frequently Asked Questions Guide on the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Third Annual “Your License is Your Business Campaign” Launches Today
CSBS Releases Map of State Requirements for Opening Bank Accounts for Minors
FFIEC Issues Uniform Interagency Consumer Compliance Rating System
State Regulators Oppose OCC Fintech Charter
State Regulatory Group Announces New Cyber Certification Program for Bank Examiners
Statement by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors on Comptroller’s Announcement of New Federal Charters
2017 NMLS Renewal Campaign “Your License is Your Business” Off to Strong Start
FFIEC Streamlines “Call Report” for Small Institutions
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Media Release

Conference of State Bank Supervisors
        1129 20th Street, NW, 9th Floor, Washington, DC, 20036

 White Paper Discusses Opportunities for Community Banks to Collaborate  

Washington, D.C. – Community banks face competitive pressures to remain viable in today’s economic and regulatory environment. But while some bankers have turned to mergers as a means to achieve economies of scale, state bank regulators are favorably responding to an alternative to consolidation called shared services arrangements.

A new white paper released today by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) describes the benefits of collaboration among community banks by pooling human, technological, or compliance resources in order to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, and leverage specialized expertise.

The white paper, “Shared Resource Arrangements: An Alternative to Consolidation,” identifies a number of ways two or more financial institutions have successfully shared resources to either improve compliance, increase efficiency, or both.

Share Resource Arrangement Examples

·         A bank partners with a smaller bank to share Information Technology services for a fee

·         Multiple community banks partner together to share ownership of a data processing provider

·         Rural community banks partner to share the costs of a compliance team

·         Multiple community banks looking to share the benefits of a particular software create a separate non-profit that provides the operating systems to member-banks

“As state bank regulators, my colleagues and I have a duty to ensure the broad, safe access to credit within local communities and we encourage innovative solutions,” said Shane Deal, Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce. “So where well-structured, mutually beneficial shared services arrangements maintain regulatory compliance and expand customer access to products and services, this is a favored alternative to consolidation.”

The white paper also explains risks and restrictions to shared resource arrangements within current regulation. 

“There are inherent operational and reputational risks that come with engaging in shared services arrangements that banks should consider. There are also state and federal employment law concerns that may serve as a barrier to these types of arrangements. So banks should clearly map out each banks’ legal obligations before entering into a shared resource arrangement,” said Deal.

Download the “Shared Resource Arrangements: An Alternative to Consolidation” white paper here.

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