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2021 CSBS Community Bank National Survey Now Open for Submissions

Survey asks community banks about pandemic response and emerging issues

By Jim Cooper, CSBS Executive Vice President of Policy and Supervision

Despite the upheaval of the past 15 months, the unwavering dedication and commitment of community bankers has been clear. I am really looking forward to hearing about their experiences in our annual CSBS National Survey of Community Banks.

If you are a community banker, I encourage you to take the survey, available here, by July 15.

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and can be completed in different intervals. This year’s questions focus on current bank conditions and emerging issues, responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, product and service design and offerings and the future of community banking.

The survey is an important way for community banks to inform policymakers and researchers about the opportunities and challenges facing the community banking industry. Results will be shared at the Community Banking in the 21st Century Research and Policy Conference, sponsored by CSBS, the Federal Reserve System and the FDIC, on September 28 and 29.

In last year’s survey, business conditions were the top concern for community banks, with 34% of respondents reporting it was their greatest challenge. Community bankers reported increasing their loans to small businesses by 40%, showing the strength of relationship lending during the start of the pandemic.

Have those issues shifted in the past year? I am really looking forward to hearing what community bankers have to say. 

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