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CSBS Data Corner: State-Chartered Banks' Share of Agriculture Financing Ticks Upward

By Brennan Zubrick

CSBS Senior Director, Analytics


This edition of the CSBS Data Corner shows the percent of agricultural loans made by state-chartered banks as a percent of all agricultural loans (non-seasonally adjusted) made by banks and how that share has changed over time. State-chartered banks are an important source of agricultural financing to farmers – and have taken on a larger share of total agricultural financing over time. In the most recent quarter (Q4 2018), state-chartered banks provided the third-highest share of agricultural loans in the history of the Call Report data (67.8%). Agricultural loans consist of two data elements from the Call Report data: Real Estate Loans Secured by Farmland and Loans to Finance Agricultural Production and Other Loans to Farmers. 


Source: Bank Call Report, CSBS

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