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#3 - Charlotte Corley

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by Jim Kurtzke
CSBS Vice President of Communications

Want to know what it's like to be chairman of CSBS? Then this podcast is for you. I interviewed Charlotte Corley, who just wrapped up the 2018-19 year as chairman. She is also commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance. We conducted the interview on site at the CSBS annual meeting, held in late May in San Antonio.

We chatted for about 20 minutes in which Charlotte discussed a wide range of issues. She explains how state regulators are more than just community bank regulators. Indeed, a growing number of larger banks as well as pretty much all nonbanks, such as mortgage companies, money transmitters and consumer finance companies, fall within the mandate of state regulators today. 

Charlotte also spoke at length on the importance of data in financial regulation...collaboration with federal and other state regulators...the community bank research conference that CSBS sponsors each year with the Federal Reserve and FDIC...the progress CSBS has made in modernizing nonbank regulation -- we have a series of initiatives called Vision 2020 -- and the training programs we have launched in the past year. 

She has an interesting idea for what a future name might be for CSBS. And she tells us what is next for her. 

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