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#4 - Bret Afdahl

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by Jim Kurtzke
CSBS Vice President of Communications

Being chairman of CSBS is no easy job. You have to lead the design and implementation of a strategic plan...represent state regulators in relationships with their federal counterparts...all while managing the regulatory department in your own state. In other words, not for the meek and mild. 

This is Simply Stated, a podcast by CSBS, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.

For the year ahead, into the role of chairman steps Bret Afdahl, director of the division of banking in South Dakota. We recently talked onsite at the CSBS annual meeting in San Antonio, just following his speech on what he plans for the year ahead.

Bret shares with us his fascinating background...his call on regulators to push outside their comfort zone to address emerging issues and developments...the need to support different kinds of funding models for community banks...and the drive towards multistate harmonization in licensing and supervising nonbanks. Tellingly, Bret discusses how, even after every I is dotted and T is crossed, a financial regulator still has anxiety when giving the green light to a new company. 

So let’s give a listen. 


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