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#7 - Tom Fite - How to Supervise in a World of Cyber Threats

As states become more adept with how they license companies and banks, they too are advancing their methods of supervision. All throughout the year, state regulators across the country are examining their chartered banks and licensed entities, ensuring they are acting in a safe and sound manner and ensuring consumers transacting with these businesses are adequately protected.

As technology has advanced, this process has only become more complex. Examiners need to know about a whole host of new products, how technology is impacting those products, and how cyber threats are challenging their institutions. And, they need to apply all that knowledge in a timely, efficient manner... and within budget.

Today we talk to Tom Fite, Director of the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, who tackled the problem head-on. The results were great, and unexpected.

Listen to learn more.

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