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#14 - What Keeps Community Bankers up at Night

Today's Guest: Alisha Sears, CSBS Senior Analyst, Policy Development

CSBS, the FDIC, and the Fed have this annual conference every year about community banks. And we get together these brilliant economist, and statisticians, and we even do a poll! A poll of community banks all across the country. And we look at all the data and research, and it’s pretty informative.

But we also learned pretty quickly that we weren’t capturing everything that was going on. Community banks are local, just like these local interviews that I’ve slowly learned to appreciate. 

So we started doing a sort of “Vox Pop” of our own, focused just on community bankers, and we call it “Five Questions for Five Bankers.”

Today, I have on an expert from CSBS who works with the state regulators that gather the feedback from bankers across the country, summarizes, and publishes it for the conference. Some of what they say can be seen in data we have, and some of what they say is pretty surprising.

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