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Community Banking Resources 

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CSBS and state bank regulators conducted a survey of community banks on a variety of topics that will shape the future of community banking. The goal of the survey was to provide a national view of how bankers are thinking about key issues facing the industry and how they are responding to market changes. More than 1,000 bankers answered questions on:
  • Community bank lines of business, including those they are entering and exiting.
  • Community bank participation in the market for 1-4 family mortgages given recent changes in the regulation of mortgage lending.
  • Effects of changes in technology and regulatory compliance on community banks’ operating expenses.
  • Changes in community banks’ market competition.
  • Banking industry consolidation, including receiving or making acquisition offers.

For a full bank-by-bank data set please click here.

Below are the state-by-state level results. Feel free to use and distribute this information.

 2014 Community Bank National Survey Results - by State

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