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Senate Works on Nominations

The Senate's summer schedule has been filled with hearings and floor debate on several nominations for federal agencies. To keep track of it all, here's a quick rundown.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Kathleen Kraninger to become Director. Status: Senate Banking Committee held a hearing this week. Next step: a vote by the committee. You can read her opening statement here, along with statements by Committee Chairman Mike Crapo (R-ID) here and Ranking Member Sherrod Brown (D-OH) here

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Jelena McWilliams to become Chair. Status: the Senate confirmed McWilliams in late May. 

Federal Housing Administration: Brian Montgomery to become FHA Commissioner and Assistant Secretary for Housing at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Status: the Senate confirmed Montgomery in late May. 

Federal Reserve Board: Kansas Banking Commissioner Miki Bowman, Richard Clarida and Marvin Goodfriend to become Governors. Status: the Senate Banking Committee has approved these nominations. Next step: They await votes by the full Senate.

Ginnie Mae: Michael Bright to become President. Status: Senate Banking Committee to hold hearing next week. 

Office of Financial Research: Dino Falaschetti to become Director. Status: Senate Banking Committee to hold hearing next week. 

Securities and Exchange Commission: Elad Roisman to become a Member. Status: Senate Banking Committee to hold hearing next week. 

We'll keep your updated as the Senate takes further action. 

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