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Treasury Department Produces Industry Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Template

As cybersecurity remains a top-level priority for banks of all sizes, a new tool has been developed to help smaller financial institutions prepare for cyber-attacks.

The Treasury Department designed a Financial Sector Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise Template to aid small/mid-size financial institutions in strengthening their cybersecurity posture. 

The tabletop exercise template assists companies who wish to use it in considering their own internal processes, as well as discuss how they can most effectively engage in a national, coordinating response to significant cybersecurity incidents among government and industry.  The template is customizable and allows for institutions to tailor the incident scenario to their individual needs.   The template also includes discussion questions that can be used to enhance the dialogue and further explore participants understanding.  

Use of the tool is entirely voluntary and institutions should feel free to modify it to suit their specific needs.

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