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CSBS Analytics & Research

Our vision is to be our members' best resource for data and analytics tools, consultation, and training.

Our mission is to ensure our data, technology and analytical products enhance the work of state regulators and that we pursue of culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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What's New?

Aug 3, 2021
See other reports on the NMLS page including the mortgage report, the MSB industry report, and the SRR Annual reports.
Jul 20, 2021
Report provides key top-line banking data for each state, including a breakdown by asset categories of the number and type of institutions in the state.
Jul 19, 2021
CSBS has consolidated all of its local economic analysis resources on this page. Requires regulator login/password.
Jul 19, 2021
For the examiners on the go, this provides a quick and printer-friendly one-page summary of important ratios on a bank and compares with the last time the bank was examined. The summary metrics cover liquidity, asset quality, concentration, capital
Jul 19, 2021
The report shows how many institutions are classified as community banks and provides breakouts between state chartered and national banks. In addition, the report breaks out banks in these categories by asset size to show how different size banks

About the Analytics Team

Historically CSBS has had two separate analytics teams – one serving CSBS general membership and one providing data analytics services to the National Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) and State Regulatory Registry (SRR). Starting in 2021 these two teams (in addition to the economic research team) will be integrated to provide a more unified data analytics experience to CSBS members, end-users, and other stakeholders. In addition to the CSBS and SRR teams working towards integration – CSBS has also established a Chief Data Officer role and a data team reporting up to that role to formalize data capabilities, establish enterprise data governance, and support the analytics operations of CSBS. 

The purpose of this page is to provide a common landing point for CSBS members looking for analytics resources so that regardless of what an end-user or member is looking for everyone starts at the same place. The leads for the various teams are as follows:

Office of the CDO

POC: Kris Rowley, Chief Data Officer
Expertise: Data governance, API strategy, enterprise data platform

Analytics & Research

POC: Emil Phillips, SVP Analytics & Research
Leader of core CSBS analytics, NMLS/SRR data services, and economic research.
Expertise: Bank analytics, Profile analytics, predictive, CSBS Business Intelligence

Core CSBS Analytics

POC: Brennan Zubrick, Senior Director
Expertise: Bank analytics, Profile analytics, predictive, CSBS Business Intelligence
Contact: [email protected]

NMLS Data Services

POC: Paul Ferree, Senior Director
Expertise: NMLS, mortgage call report analytics, money services businesses call report analytics, non-bank licensing
Contact: [email protected]

Economic Research

POC: Tom Siems, Senior Economist
Expertise: Economic research, community bank sentiment index, community bank research conference
Contact: [email protected]




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