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CSBS conducts, sponsors and supports research initiatives spanning the financial system. Each year, CSBS co-sponsors an annual community banking conference with the federal reserve, conducts a survey of community banks, sponsors an undergraduate community bank research conversation, and more. On a quarterly basis, CSBS surveys community banks for their sentiment. CSBS staff also release white papers and periodic risk reports highlighting challenges the nation’s financial system faces.


Community Bank Sentiment Index

The Community Bank Sentiment Index is an index derived from quarterly polling of community bankers across the nation. As community bankers answer questions about their outlook on the economy, their answers are analyzed and compiled into a single number.

April 1st, 2020

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Additional Research

The Eighth Annual Community Banking in the 21st Century research and policy conference will be held digitally in October and is co-sponsored by CSBS, the Federal Reserve System and the FDIC.
The 2022 competition is now open!

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