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Banks by Asset Category

This interactive graph shows the bank total assets in different categories. Financial data is sourced from FDIC website every quarter. You can see this chart and others in the Charts and Interactive Maps Section.

Aug 1st, 2018

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Additional Data & Research

Data & Research
A summary of Community Bank Sentiment Index information. The Q2 2022 CBSI number is 84.
Data & Research
The CSBS Risk ID Team submits a quarterly Risk ID survey that asks several questions to identify risk areas for further review. Over the past year, Risk ID Team members nationwide have reported commercial real estate (CRE) retail lending (“retail lending”) is on the rise in their local banking markets.
Data & Research
Financial institutions collect and protect highly sensitive information every day. The financial services industry is a vital component of the nation’s critical infrastructure—banks and nonbank financial institutions are the cornerstones of local communities, intrastate commerce, and the U.S
Data & Research
CSBS conducts, sponsors and supports research initiatives spanning the financial system. Each year, CSBS co-sponsors an annual community banking conference with the federal reserve, conducts a survey of community banks, sponsors an undergraduate community bank research conversation, and more. On a

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