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What is Accreditation?

The CSBS Bank & Mortgage Accreditation involves an in-depth review of an agency’s policies, procedures, and operations to determine if it meets the standards set forth by the Performance Standards Committee (PSC). A state seeking accreditation for the first time or a state seeking its five-year re-accreditation must complete the self-evaluation questionnaire (SEQ), which includes several sections broken into multiple topics. The agency is asked to answer a series of questions and rate themselves against the corresponding standard. The agency can add documentation to support its answers and ratings.


Benefits of the Accreditation Program

1. Obtain guidance and assistance through self-evaluation and self-improvement

2. Help standardize your processes through documentation

3. Demonstrate your agency meets the standards for state bank and mortgage supervision

4. Share ideas and best practices for state regulation of financial services

5. Strengthen state bank and mortgage regulation by meeting a shared set of principles



Accreditation Handbook for State Agencies

This handbook contains all of the information about the CSBS Accreditation Program for state agencies. 



Accreditation Resources

Accreditation Resources

These resources are designed to provide a state banking and mortgage agencies with the necessary tools to prepare for accreditation.

Bank & Mortgage Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

Access the Profile / Accreditation Annual Review System   

Access the 5-Year Accreditation Online System

Accreditation ONLINE system (5-Year SEQ) training   

Accredited Departments



State Accreditation Contacts