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The Bank Analysis School is designed to expand on the Day One: Bank Safety & Soundness Examiner Training program. Throughout the week, attendees focus on analysis of asset quality, earnings, capital, liquidity, and sensitivity to market risks. They learn investment basics through managing a bond portfolio. Attendees will also obtain a greater appreciation for the role of a banker by making business decisions in a simulated environment that will impact institutions capital, asset quality, earnings, liquidity, and interest rate risk. The course is taught by experienced examiners. The program is one of three options available to complete the training requirement to be considered for certification as a Certified Operations Examiner through the CSBS Education Foundation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, attendees are able to:

  • Evaluate and assess the CAMELS components and their interrelationship.
  • Utilize the Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) to assess a bank’s performance and overall risk profile.
  • Apply the Uniform Financial Institution Rating System (UFIRS) definitions to assign appropriate ratings.
  • Discuss written and oral communication best practices.

Time Commitment:

  • Pre-Course Requirement: Attendees must be enrolled in the "Day One: Bank Safety & Soundness Examiner Training" online course and must complete the all sections of the core online program before attending. The Next Steps assignment does not need to be completed before attending.
  • Resident Session: 4.5 days in-person or 6 days virtually

Target Audience:

Bank examiners with less than one year experience


Please view our Calendar of Events to register. 

Questions? Please contact Katie Hoyle ([email protected]).