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Certified Application Specialist - Level I (CAS-I) 

(MLO Licensing Review) 

Candidates for the CAS-I designation must provide evidence of the following:

  1. Completion of a minimum of two (2) years of on-the-job service and training related to processing licensing applications
  2. Satisfactory completion of the CSBS Mortgage Licensing School, MLO Licensing Review Learning Plan (course list below)
  3. Attestation of successful job performance and mastery of appropriate job-related skills by a supervisor within the candidate's organization. "Supervisor" is defined as an individual whose job classification is at the examiner-in-charge level or higher. All attestations shall be considered final once signed. Attestation as to a candidate's skill will be supported by a defined response form that outlines the necessary and appropriate skills. A high degree of reliance is placed on the attestation forms provided by the applicant's supervisor when granting certification. For that reason, the individual signing the form should be familiar with the applicant's experience, performance, and skills/abilities, and should be confident that the applicant meets all requirements as noted on the form.

The attestation form addresses the following categories:

TECHNICAL - Provides effective organization to the application review process by:

  • Effectively reviewing and organizing applications
  • Ensuring pre-licensure documents are received and requirements are completed or places requirements or deficiencies on the company or individual
  • Processing applications efficiently and in a timely manner

CONCEPTUAL - Provides effective and accurate evaluation of the application submitted by companies:

  • Effectively follows established licensing procedures to collect and analyze data and
  • Develops correct conclusions from collected data.

LEGAL/COMPLIANCE - Provides effective and accurate evaluation of policies, procedures, laws, rules, and regulations:

  • Effectively demonstrates knowledge of policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations and
  • Effectively follows established procedures for presenting deficient application information and recommending corrective action to applicants

HUMAN RELATIONS - Provides effective oral and written communication by:

  • Effectively and clearly communicating with applicants to obtain information
  • Effectively and clearly communicating deficiencies to supervisory personnel and/or owners/directors/individuals
  • Effectively preparing written comments that are accurate, grammatically correct, logically arranged, and factually support any conclusions drawn
  • Effectively providing licensing information to the public

Learning Plan, Mortgage Licensing School Course Listing for MLO Licensing Review

  • History of Licensing
  • NMLS, Licensing, and the State Agency
  • NMLS Account Management and System Navigation for Organization Users
  • NMLS Resource Center and Support
  • SAFE Act Requirements
  • Work List Management & Assignment
  • MLO License Applications - Industry Perspective
  • Record Access, Relationships, and Sponsorship
  • License Item Management
  • License Statuses
  • Reviewing MLO License Applications
  • Reviewing a Criminal Background Check
  • Reviewing a Credit Report
  • Reviewing Individual Amendments
  • Testing and Education Investigations
  • Adverse and Final License Statuses
  • License Surrender
  • Using NMLS Reports
  • NMLS Consumer Access

Application Specialist Recertification:

Every three years, participants will be required to provide evidence of the successful completion of a minimum 40 hours of continuing education (CEHs); at least seven CEHs must be completed each year.  CEHs must be courses or programs taught by CSBS, AARMR, NACCA, and/or a state or regional banking or other professional association. CEH may be obtained through onsite training or online training. Other programs and activities submitted will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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