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Certified Examinations Manager (CEM)

The CEM certification is step 4 in the CSBS bank safety and soundness credentialing program for those who have managerial and/or supervisory responsibilities. Candidates for the CEM designation must provide evidence of the following:

  • Completion of a minimum of five (5) years employment with a state regulatory agency including one (1) year of on-the-job service and training related to a management/supervisory role (e.g., Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Examiner, etc.).
  •  Satisfactory completion of the following course offerings or their equivalent:
    • Course requirements for the COE, CCE, and CEIC designations and
    • CSBS LEAD School (formerly, Senior School) or
    • Advanced management training (including in-house programs) or
    • Graduate School of Banking or
    • University graduate programs, particularly those focusing on banking, economics, finance, and/or business
  • Attestation of successful job performance and mastery of appropriate job-related skills by the applicant's direct supervisor or another individual familiar with the applicant's performance.

The applicant's direct supervisor must provide at least "meets expectations" ratings in the following competencies; additionally, the supervisor's supporting narrative assessment must provide detailed and unique examples of the applicant's performance in these competencies:

TECHNICAL - Provides effective leadership and organization to the department by:

  • Effectively supervising personnel to ensure adherence to all procedures and policies
  • Monitoring senior examination personnel to ensure department mission, goals, and responsibilities are being met
  • Effectively organizing and delegating assignments
  • Effectively supervising the entire examination process
  • Effectively providing for personnel management in the areas of budgeting, recruiting, training, team-building, negotiation, motivation, coaching/counseling, performance evaluation, and disciplinary actions
  • Effectively participating in departmental policy formulation and strategic planning

CONCEPTUAL - Provides effective supervision of the overall activities of financial institutions by:

  • Effectively determining financial institution condition from completed reports of examination
  • Effectively administering appropriate departmental response from examination findings

LEGAL/COMPLIANCE - Effectively demonstrates knowledge of policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations.

HUMAN RELATIONS - Provides effective oral and written communications by:

  • Effectively and clearly communicating with people and organizations internal and external to the department
  • Effectively conducting meetings with management and the boards of directors of financial institutions
  • Effectively coordinating examination planning, execution and regulatory response with other state and federal financial institution supervisory authorities
  • Effectively and clearly communicating with other state agencies and the state legislature


Every three years, certified examiners are required to submit 63 continuing education hours (CEHs) in order to renew a CEM certification. If an examiner exceeds this requirement, up to 14 CEHs may be carried over into the new three-year term. Continuing education should be selected with the goal of maintaining, improving, or expanding the examiner's knowledge, skills, and abilities.