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Certified Examinations Trainer (CET)

The objectives of the CET designation are to:

  1. Recognize the specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals who provide on- the-job examination training and/or training development for a state regulatory agency
  2. Encourage continued professional development in the areas of adult education, course development, instructional design, and tech-based training options
  3. To enhance and maintain the quality of job performance and skill level of these individuals.

Candidates for the CET designation must provide evidence of the following:

  1. A minimum of three years providing on-the-job examination training and/or developing in-house training programs (live or online) as a significant contributor.
  2. Completion of course requirements for CSBS bank safety and soundness certifications (COE, CCE, and CEIC); may substitute instructor training provided by CSBS or third- party/industry entity*.
  3. Expertise in area of instruction must be outlined in the certification application and demonstrated through certification, core education, professional development, and/or experience in the field.
  4. Must be CSBS-certified in the same area for which instruction is provided; waivable at discretion of Certification Committee if significant expertise is demonstrated.

*Equivalency must be reviewed and approved by the Certification Committee prior to application.

Supervisor Ratings & Attestation

Attestation of successful job performance and mastery of appropriate job-related skills by the candidate's direct supervisor is required. All attestations shall be considered final once signed.

Attestation as to a candidate's skill will be supported by a defined response section of the application that outlines the necessary and appropriate skills. A high degree of reliance is placed on the attestation of the applicant's supervisor when granting certification. For that reason, the individual providing ratings and narrative support to an application should be familiar with the applicant's experience, performance, and skills/abilities, and confident that the applicant meets all requirements.
The attestation section of the application addresses the following competencies:


  • Demonstrates profound knowledge of the subject matter under instruction
  • Analyzes and assesses tech-based training options
  • Clearly and accurately answers examination process questions
  • Accurately breaks down components of technical/complex concepts
  • Assesses audience level of technical knowledge and adjusts training accordingly
  • Provides clearly written and easy-to-understand supplemental materials


  • Embraces continuous adult learning
  • Understands contribution of on-the-job training to the agency’s mission to provide oversight to the financial service industry


  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Establishes meaningful relationships with new and junior examiner staff


Every three years, holders of the CET designation are required to submit 40 continuing education hours (CEHs) in order to renew a certification. If this requirement is exceeded, up to 14 CEHs may be carried over into the new three-year term. Continuing education should be selected with the goal of maintaining, improving, or expanding the instructor’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in mind.