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CSBS Announces New Executive Leadership Team

Washington, D.C. – The Conference of State Bank Supervisors today announced its executive leadership team as part of a new organization structure.

“This team brings perspective and leadership skills that are critical for guiding CSBS as we support the dynamic state regulatory system,” said CSBS President and CEO John Ryan. “These organizational changes are part of a larger effort to align our structure with states’ strategic goals for harmonizing and strengthening state regulation.”

James Cooper now leads the policy and supervision division. He came to CSBS in 2013, following 30 years in bank supervision and regulation. Prior to joining CSBS, he served as the deputy director of depository institutions at the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. At CSBS, Cooper has represented the state banking system in the development of public policy in the areas of financial stability, prudential supervision and consumer protection.

John ‘Buz’ Gorman continues as CSBS general counsel, a role he’s held since 1996. Prior to joining CSBS, Gorman covered work and environmental issues for former Florida Senator Connie Mack. As general counsel, he oversees and manages all CSBS legal matters, including litigation, corporate governance, intellectual property and data rights, compliance and contracts. Gorman also sets corporate legal strategy, serves as the staff lead on the Information Sharing Task Force and works closely with state banking department general counsels.

Leila Green leads the newly consolidated finance and facilities functions. She joined CSBS in May 2019 after serving as vice president of business operations at RTCA, Inc. Green has 20 years of experience in financial management and over a decade in nonprofit and association financial management.

Kelly Haire continues to lead the company’s human resources initiatives, now known as the People Operations division, and remains responsible for all human resource functions within the organization. She joined CSBS as vice president of human resources in 2014 after several years as a CSBS consultant and nearly two decades of human resources experience.

Tom Harlow now leads the newly formed Products business unit. Harlow joined CSBS in 2010 as the Chief Financial Officer; prior to this transition, he was the executive vice president for operations and oversaw finance, accounting, human resources, board governance and meetings. Tom has played a critical role in developing CSBS’s strategic plan. Prior to joining CSBS, Tom spent over 20 years in association management.

Margaret Liu heads the newly formed Services division, which consolidates stakeholder engagement, learning, communications and innovation functions. She joined CSBS in 2009 after serving as a financial services policy consultant and holding a variety of positions at Fannie Mae, including vice president of single-family mortgage business, vice president for industry relations and vice president for policy communications. At CSBS, Liu led the legislative advocacy function and served as deputy general counsel. In addition to leading a new division, she will continue to serve as CSBS’s lead fintech and OCC charter litigation spokesperson.

Ngoc Vu continues to serve as the CSBS chief information officer and now also heads information technology. She joined CSBS in February of 2017 as senior vice president of digital services. As part of CSBS’s digital transformation, Vu led the move towards an enterprise development platform to accelerate the delivery of applications and data sharing to enable CSBS to become a data-driven organization. She continues to lead the organization’s technology strategy and portfolio, which includes infrastructure and operations, information security, data, enterprise architecture and digital services.

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