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John W. Ryan, 1963-2022

If you are interested in sending condolences to John's husband Tom or to John's family, more information is available here.

We are profoundly saddened by the loss of our leader and friend, CSBS President and CEO John W. Ryan, who died unexpectedly of natural causes on May 16.  

John was a steadfast advocate of the state financial system who combined tenacity with grace and wit with wisdom. John was an admired thought leader in Washington and revered by state financial commissioners across the nation. He had a brilliant mind and had a breadth of knowledge that surpassed most on the subject of the dual banking system.  

For those of us at CSBS, John was an inspirational leader and a friend. He was genuine, generous and supportive. Under his leadership, CSBS became an official Great Place to Work, and unofficially a warm and welcoming home to CSBS staff. John cultivated a culture of kindness, respect and inclusion.  

We all have stories about how he touched each of us at CSBS in a meaningful way. We will never forget the humbleness of our CEO, who would wash dishes if he saw them left in the office kitchen, who warmly greeted all levels of staff and knew everyone's name, who attended baby showers and our life events and who encouraged our careers, even while he was meeting with financial leaders and members of Congress over important policy issues.  

We know that the financial services has lost an outstanding visionary. We also know that we are missing our leader and friend. We will carry on with his mission to advance the state system, with John forever in our hearts.