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Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool, Version 2.0


The Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool (R-SAT) is a tool to help financial institutions periodically assess their efforts to mitigate risks associated with ransomware and identify gaps for increasing security. State regulators, in collaboration with the Bankers' Electronic Crimes Taskforce and the U.S. Secret Service, released an updated R-SAT.

In this episode, we speak with CSBS Senior Director of Cybersecurity Policy and Supervision Brad Robinson on the updated R-SAT 2.0, why updates were made to the tool and why it is important for financial institutions to use it. 


  1. 0:23 – What is ransomware? 
  2. 3:44 – Who is at risk for ransomware?  
  3. 4:40 – What is the R-SAT and who is it for? 
  4. 5:55 – The R-SAT vs. the FFIEC cybersecurity assessment tool
  5. 7:57 – Why did CSBS update the R-SAT? 
  6. 12:11 – Who can benefit from using the tool? 
  7. 15:40 – Who benefits from the work that has been put into the R-SAT? 
  8. 19:04 – Discussion on a state-led study on ransomware in financial institutions 

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