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NMLS Users Engage in Research and Relationship Building at the 2024 NMLS Annual Conference & Training

The 2024 NMLS Annual Conference & Training featured an NMLS user experience station where system users were able to participate in research activities and engage with the NMLS team about the future of the system. This dedicated station was important because we rely on input from NMLS users − both regulators and industry − to help determine how we will enhance NMLS to improve their experience. 

The NMLS team set out to: 

  • Build relationships with NMLS users, 
  • Gather feedback on NMLS enhancements currently in development; 
  • and Collect contact information from individuals who want to be a part of the user-centered design process. 

Activities at the user experience station included: 

  • Come Innovate with Us: Attendees wrote design feedback for password reset, account switching, and account consolidation on posterboards. 
  • Card Sort: Participants organized menu options from NMLS into groups and then named each group in a manner they believed described them accurately. 
  • This or That: Participants were prompted with an incomplete phrase and asked to select from two options the phrase that they felt best completed the sentence. 

The result: 

The NMLS team connected with 134 system users who would like to be notified about NMLS enhancement-related updates. In addition, 60 conference attendees volunteered to be involved with the modernization process. These users will play a key role in future user research and will be critical in improving NMLS usability. 

Interested in joining the NMLS User Experience Group? Sign up here!

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