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Emerging Payments Task Force 


The CSBS Emerging Payments Task Force will study changes in payment systems to determine the potential impact on consumer protection, state law, and banks and non-bank entities chartered or licensed by the states. The Task Force will take a comprehensive approach to studying the changing payment systems, including virtual currencies and other innovations. The Task Force will engage with a broad range of stakeholders – including fellow state regulators, federal regulators, industry participants, and other experts – to understand how new entrants and technologies affect the stability of payment systems and the broader financial marketplace and to develop ideas for connecting the emerging payments landscape to the financial regulatory fabric.

The Task Force is comprised of state regulators:

  • Chairman: Bryan Schneider, Secretary of Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation.
  • Kevin Hagler, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance.
  • Jan Lynn Owen, Commissioner of California Department of Business Oversight.
  • Drew J. Breakspear, Commissioner of Florida Office of Financial Regulation.  
  • Greg Gonzales, Commissioner of Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Charles G. Cooper, Commissioner of Texas Department of Banking.
  • G. Edward Leary, Commissioner of Utah Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Charlie Clark, Director of the Division of Consumer Services, Washington Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Maria Vullo, Superintendent, New York State Department of Financial Services.
  • Terry McGinnis, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Banks

 Emerging Payments Resources

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