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To foster communication between regulators and industry regarding financial technology, regulators from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have designated an Innovation Staff Contact within their offices, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) announced today. 

The Innovation Contact will be the primary contact for fintech officials, streamlining communication on money transmission, payments and lending. 

Name State Agency Email Phone
Mr. Scott W. Corscadden, CMEM
Supervisor, Bureau of Loans
Alabama State Banking Department [email protected] (334) 242-3512
Ms. Patrice Walsh
Alaska Division of Banking & Securities [email protected] (907) 269-5496
Mr. Mark Murphy
Division Manager, Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Arizona Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (602) 771-2824
Mr. John Ahlen
Deputy Bank Commissioner
Arkansas State Bank Department [email protected] (501) 324-9019
Mr. Stephen Lau
Assistant General Counsel
California Department of Business Oversight [email protected] (916) 322-7910
Ms. Kara Hunter
Manager of Operations
Colorado Division of Banking [email protected] (303) 894-7586
Mr. Matthew Smith
Director of Government Relations and Consumer Affairs
Connecticut Department of Banking [email protected] (860) 240-8105
Mr. Kevin J. Urso, CEIC
Deputy Bank Commissioner for Administration
Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner [email protected] (302) 739-4235
Mr. Brian P. Williams
Associate Commissioner
District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking [email protected] (202) 442-7774
Mr. Oscar B. Fears, III
Deputy Commissioner For Consumer And Legal Affairs
Georgia Department of Banking & Finance [email protected] (770) 986-1633
Mr. Dwight J. Young
Licensing & Regulatory Analysis Branch Manager
Hawaii Division of Financial Institutions Department of Commerce & Cons. Affairs [email protected] (808) 586-2820
Ms. Mary E. Hughes
Acting Director
Idaho Department of Finance [email protected] (208) 332-8030
Mr. Paul Isaac
Senior Advisor to the Secretary
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation [email protected] (217) 785-2900
Ms. Nicole Buskill
General Counsel
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (317) 232-3955
Mr. Rodney E. Reed, CMEM,CMI
Finance Bureau Chief
Iowa Division of Banking [email protected] (515) 242-0354
Mr. Charles A. Vice
Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (502) 782-9028
Ms. Michelle Jeansonne
Deputy Chief Exanminer - NonDepository Division (Licensing)
Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions [email protected] 225-925-3828
Mrs. Lindsey R. Mattson
Principal Examiner
Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions [email protected] (207) 624-8582
Mr. Jedd Bellman
Assistant Commissioner For Non-Depository Supervision
Maryland Office of Financial Regulation [email protected] 410-230-6390
Ms. Holly L. Chase
Director of Information Technology, Cyber Security and FinTech
Massachusetts Division of Banks [email protected] (617) 956-1500
Mr. Mark Hastie
Minnesota Department of Commerce [email protected] (651) 539-1720
Mrs. Rhoshunda G. Kelly, CEM
Deputy Commissioner
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance [email protected] (601) 321-6906
Ms. Kelly M. O'Sullivan
Deputy Commissioner / Legal Counsel
Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions [email protected] 406-841-2935
Mr. Mark Quandahl
Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance [email protected] (402) 471-2171
Ms. Mary M. Young
Acting Deputy Commissioner
Nevada Financial Institutions Division, Department of Business & Industry [email protected] (702) 486-4120
Mr. Gerald Little
Bank Commissioner
New Hampshire State Banking Department [email protected] (603) 271-3561
Mr. Christopher Moya
New Mexico Financial Institutions Division [email protected] (505) 476-4566
Mr. Matt Homer
Executive Deputy Superintendent, Research & Innovation
New York State Department of Financial Services [email protected] (212) 709-3500
Ms. I. Lise Kruse, CEM
North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] 7012397221 & 7013289938
Mr. Dudley Gilbert
Deputy Commissioner
Oklahoma State Banking Department [email protected] (405) 521-2782
Mr. Aeron Teverbaugh
Sr. Policy Analyst, Innovation Liaison
Oregon Division of Financial Regulation [email protected] (503) 947-7844
Mr. Tim Knopp, CSME
Deputy Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities [email protected] (717) 425-5470
Ms. Sara Cabral
State Chief Bank Examiner
Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation Division of Banking [email protected] (401) 462-9503
Mr. Ron Bodvake
Commissioner, Consumer Finance Division
South Carolina Board of Financial Institutions (Consumer Finance Division) [email protected] (803) 734-2020
Mr. Bret Afdahl
Director of Banking
South Dakota Division of Banking [email protected] (605) 773-3421
Ms. Nicole Chamblee, CFE
Assistant Commissioner of Compliance
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (865) 591-5155
Ms. Cristina Nahidi
Deputy General Counsel
Texas Department of Banking [email protected] (512) 475-1300
Mr. Shaun Berrett
Supervisor of Industrial Banks
Utah Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (801) 538-8841
Ms. Molly Dillon
Deputy Commissioner of Banking
Vermont Department of Financial Regulation [email protected] (802) 828-4874
Mr. Kenneth Schrad
Director, Information Resources
Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions [email protected] (804) 371-9657
Mr. Charles Clark
Washington Department of Financial Institutions [email protected] (360) 902-0511
Ms. Kaitlyn Benson
Wisconsin Department Of Financial Institutions [email protected] (608) 261-7578
Mr. Joe Mulberry
Deputy Commissioner
Wyoming Division of Banking [email protected] (307) 777-7797

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