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Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a state-driven initiative to streamline multistate licensing and supervision for nonbanks.

Through the Vision 2020 initiative, state regulators are adopting an integrated, 50-state licensing and supervisory system, leveraging technology and smart regulatory policy to transform the interaction between industry, regulators, and consumers.

“I want to see us pushing outside of our comfort zone to become a stronger state system... That is my ask this year – for both my fellow state supervisors and our federal counterparts – to embrace change.”

Bret Afdahl

CSBS Chairman

Steps state regulators are taking to transform licensing and supervision.
  1. Seeking and acting on industry input
  2. Harmonizing multistate practices
  3. Developing a next generation technology platform
  4. Empowering state agencies
  5. Enhancing state-federal coordination
  6. Protecting consumers

Vision 2020 News

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