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State-chartered banks benefit from CSBS’s efforts to enhance the professionalism and knowledge of state financial regulators through our training and professional development programs, certification of state examiners, and agency accreditation programs.  This is all done to ensure state regulators are well informed, highly trained, and held accountable to agreed upon standards of performance.

Additionally, encouraging and maintaining a competitive and diverse dual-banking system is critical to achieving our mission.  Among our nation’s banks, there are vastly different business models, ranging from the singe-branch community bank operating in one community to the largest banks operating around the world.  Policymakers and regulators must supervise these financial institutions differently based on their size, complexity, overall risk profile, and risk to the financial system.  This is what state regulators call “right-sized regulation.”

We are working to enact regulatory right-sizing to better enable the industry to serve customers, small businesses, and local and state economies.  This approach is in the best interest of our financial system and of our economy.

CSBS has a long-standing Bankers Advisory Board (BAB) to benefit from the perspective and experience of state-chartered banking institutions.  The BAB advises and assists the CSBS Board of Directors in pursuit of CSBS’s goals and to provide industry input on appropriate areas of CSBS activities.  This is an advisory role, and bankers and BAB members do not participate in CSBS policymaking committees, deliberations, or decisions.


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