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CSBS supports state regulators in advancing the system of state financial supervision by ensuring safety, soundness and consumer protection; promoting economic growth; and fostering innovative, responsive supervision.


The vision of CSBS is to be the recognized leader advancing the quality and effectiveness of regulation and supervision of state banking and financial services.


CSBS was organized in 1902 as the National Association of Supervisors of State Banks. In 1971, the name of the organization was changed to the Conference of State Bank Supervisors to better reflect the ongoing nature of CSBS activities.

For more than 110 years, CSBS has been uniquely positioned as the only national organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the nation’s dual-banking system.

Annual Reports

Each year, CSBS publishes an Annual Report to highlight the work state regulators have done. The 2016 CSBS Annual Report shares how state regulators are collaborating with their peers in the federal government, coordinating with one another in the licensing of non-depository companies, and strengthening the dual-banking system.

CSBS also publishes annual reports for the State Regulatory Registry (NMLS) and several non-depository committees managed by state regulators.

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Mrs. Charlotte N. Corley
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Chair Elect
Mr. Bret Afdahl
Director of Banking
South Dakota Division of Banking
Vice Chair
Mr. Kevin B. Hagler
Georgia Department of Banking & Finance
Ms. Melanie G. Hall
Montana Division of Banking and Financial Institutions
Immediate Past Chair
Mr. Albert L. Forkner
State Banking Commissioner
Wyoming Division of Banking
Member at Large
Mr. Lee Keith
Missouri Division of Finance
CSBS Education Foundation BOT Chair
Mr. Thomas C. Fite
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
State Regulatory Registry BOM Chair
Mr. John P. Ducrest
Commissioner of Financial Institutions
Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions
Legislative Committee Chair
Mr. Ray Grace
Commissioner of Banks
North Carolina Office of Commissioner of Banks

CSBS Management

John Ryan
Mr. John Ryan
President & CEO
Mr. Michael Stevens
Senior Executive Vice President
Mr. Tom Bayer
Chief Information Officer
Mr. John Gorman
General Counsel
Mr. Thomas E. Harlow
Executive Vice President, Operations
Mr. Bill Matthews
EVP of CSBS, President of SRR
State Regulatory Registry LLC
Mr. James M. Cooper
Senior Vice President, Policy
Mr. Chuck Cross
Senior Vice President, Consumer Protection & Non-Depository Supervision
Mr. Tim Doyle
Senior Vice President, Policy & Development
State Regulatory Registry LLC


The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) is an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested in joining our dynamic, professional, and diverse staff, please review the following job postings and submit a cover letter and resume to

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