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CSBS's Executive Leadership of Cybersecurity (ELOC) Seminar is a turnkey program that addresses the issue of cybersecurity within the financial services industry with a particular focus on community banks.

The ELOC Seminar is a non-technical program designed for bank CEOs, senior executives and bank board members. It brings together bankers, law enforcement, and state and federal regulators to discuss the cyber threat landscape, information sharing, the recently released FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, and additional cybersecurity resources for banks.

CSBS is committeed to addressing the issue of cybersecurity in the financial services industry  through its ELOC program and will work with state banking agencies and state financial associations around the country to help facilitate local ELOC Seminars.

ELOC Seminar format optionsinclude a full day, half day or a customized seminar. Please note, table top exercises are not included in the half-day format.

Learning Objectives

The goal of the ELOC Seminar is to provide bank executives with a baseline to moderate level understanding of the cyber threat landscape, to share best practices, and to provide resources to bankers in order to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to the cybersecurity of their institutions.

State banking agencies are encouraged to consider opportunities to add an ELOC Seminar to an already scheduled event, or partner with state banking associations to leverage resources and host an event.


In 2014, CSBS launched, on behalf of state bank commissioners, an online cybersecurity awareness campaign where the goal was to heighten awareness among bank CEOs that the management of an institution’s cybersecurity risk is an executive level issue that requires CEO involvement. To view blog posts from the online awareness campaign click here.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the ELOC Seminar, please contact Mary Beth Quist at or Sebastien Monnet at



CSBS has published a non-technical, easy-to-read resource guide on cybersecurity that bank CEOs and senior executives may use to help mitigate cybersecurity threats at their banks. The guide puts into one place industry recognized standards for cybersecurity and best practices currently used within the financial services industry. For free hardcopies of the cyber guide, please contact the Communications Department. Click the image below for an online copy.

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