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Co-Chair, Banker, Bankers Advisory Board*
Mr. Andy Anderson
President & CEO
Bank of Anguilla
Chair, District I
Mr. Antonio P. Salazar, Esq.
Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Chair, District II
Mr. Kevin R. Allard
Ohio Division of Financial Institutions
Chair, District III
Mrs. Rhoshunda G. Kelly, CEM
Acting Commissioner
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Chair, District IV
Mr. Mark Quandahl
Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance
Chair, District V
Ms. Roberta Hollinshead
Director, Division of Banks
Washington Department of Financial Institutions
Chair Emeritus*
Ms. Candace A. Franks
Bank Commissioner
Arkansas State Bank Department
Chair Emeritus*
Mr. Charles A. Vice
Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions
Chair Emeritus*
Mr. Albert L. Forkner
State Banking Commissioner
Wyoming Division of Banking
Chair Emeritus*
Mr. Charles G. Cooper
Banking Commissioner
Texas Department of Banking
Chair Emeritus*
Mr. Mick Thompson
Bank Commissioner
Oklahoma State Banking Department
Chair Emeritus*
Mr. Edward Joseph Face, Jr.
Commissioner of Financial Institutions
Virginia Bureau of Financial Institutions