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Community Banks Adapting to the Digital Age


Community Banks Adapting to the Digital Age Blog Series


  • CSBS Chief Economist Thomas F. Siems
  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Supervision Policy, Research and Analysis Manager Meredith A. Covington 
  • Temple University Professor of Finance and CSBS Adjunct Research Scholar Jonathan A. Scott 

In this episode, we explore how community banks are adapting to a changing digital landscape by analyzing banking and technology questions from the 2021 CSBS National Survey of Community Banks

  1. 1:28 - Why survey community banks?
  2. 3:44 - How do benchmark interest rates impact community banks?
  3. 5:52 - What competitive pressures do community banks face?
  4. 8:41 - How are community banks responding?
  5. 11:40 - How does a small bank leverage tech on a limited budget?
  6. 14:20 - How do community banks achieve "economies of scale?"
  7. 17:56 - Are community bankers approaching with tech excitement or apprehension?
  8. 22:53 - What impact has Covid-19 had on community bankers' approach to tech?
  9. 26:00 - The 2022 Survey: Inflation, interest rates and tech


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